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January National Council meeting

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Own Brand

Own brand to be fully recyclable by the Summer By Michael Fletcher, Retail Chief Commercial Officer
I’m extremely pleased to announce that all our own brand packaging on every single Co-op product will be 100% recyclable by this summer. We have already banned black plastic packaging from all of our Co-op own brand products, and by the summer of 2020 we’ll be phasing out all non-recyclable plastics and replacing them with those that can be reused or easily recycled.
This move will be achieved by us delivering the largest ever UK-wide scheme to recycle all plastic film, which local councils don’t presently collect for recycling. After a spring store trial, the scheme will be rolled out nationally across our store estate by the summer.
This means that everything from ready meal trays, crisps packets, sandwich cartons and all film including pasta, rice and bread bags, will be easy to recycle whether via kerbside collection or our closed loop scheme in stores.
This is an ind…

AGM and May Council Meeting

The Co-ops AGm was held on the 19th May 19, as usual in Manchester.   The Co-op has an excellent AGM website at this link.  Ian Ellis our Chief Finance Officer reported on a solid set of results.  If you look at the results the underlying profit for the society was £43m. Now, this looks very low for a business of our size.  However, this was after we deducted £60m paid to members in the form of the 5 and 1 members reward. If this had been paid out of the bottom line, then our underlying profits would have been £103m, which starts to look OK.

At the AGM, the results of the National Council elections were announced.  Congratulations to Heather Barker who was elected for the first time in the South West.  Again, all the results can be found on the AGM link.  Our Board of Directors is voted on by the members. Some are elected on a straight yes/no ballot and some, the Member Nominated Directors face contested an election.   For the MND election, we welcome a new Director Sarah McCarthy-Fry…

Some interesting Co-op related stories

Last year at the Glastonbury music festival the Co-op opened a convenience shop built in the campsite area of the Somerset-based festival. This year the Co-op announced an exclusive partnership with Glastonbury to open a shop at the 2019 festival. Glastonbury’s famously high environmental and community responsibility standards led to Co-op being carefully selected as the festival’s retail partner. The agreement between the two is founded on our shared ethos of co-operation, community support, ethical values and campaigning to make meaningful change.
This partnership builds on the success the retailer had at music festivals last year, and will see a Co-op, which regularly welcomes 175,000 people. Selling a wide range of food, drink and festival essentials like sandwiches, water, bacon, eggs and bread alongside the obligatory sun cream and rain ponchos, the store will relieve festival goers of having to stock up on

New delivery thoughts.

The Co-op aims to rev up sales with a new pedal-p…