As we enter into the New Year I think it is worth updating members in the South West on my contribution to  the Members Council since  I was re-elected in May 2020 I was re-elected by members in the South West, thank you for voting for me.  The National Council has a number of standing committees and I was elected to serve the Business Performance Committee, This is the committee that has the responsibility to oversee the Groups financial health and to question the Director of Finance on the financial performance of the Group.  Whilst much of the information we receive is confidential, I can report that I and the other members of the Committee question the DOF on a wide range of issues.  Topics include monitoring the overheads of the Group, Group expenditure on PPE and other Covid related costs, pricing and cost monitoring in our Funeral business and tracking the like for likes revenue across all our businesses.  These are a small number of examples of the wide range of issues that I a

January National Council meeting

Welcome to my report of the January 2020 Co-op National Members Council (NMC). I will be standing for election to the NMC again in May 2020, and I hope that you will give me your vote.   I created this   blog to give me an opportunity to update and be accountable to   members in the South West. So please give me your first preference in the voting! Michael Harriott If you have any questions or comments, please email me at The January meeting started with a presentation from Chris Kelly one of our Directors,   The topic was Vision, Choices and Plans. He was joined by Shrine Khoury-haq our Chief Financial officer and Pippa Wicks, Deputy CEO. This session concentrated upon our next five-year vision and the challenges that we faced.   With all strategies, we need to recognise that we cannot do everything and that some choices have to be made. I was pleased to hear that the Board had placed a great emphasis on being engaged with our members in thei