Pre-Council musings

A few items have caught my attention since I last posted.  A random collection, but the theme as usual is Co-operation.


I was moved by the response of everyone I knew after the atrocities in Paris.  Those of us active on Facebook would have seen an overwhelming people adopt the Tricolour for their profile as an act of solidarity with the people of France.

It was also good to see that the Co-operative reflect our collective feelings by illuminating the air in-take towers in front of Angel Square.

Co-operation is a international movement and I was delighted to see that Monique Leroux was elected to be the next President of the International Co-operative Alliance. Moniques profile  can be found here

Member Nominated Directors

This week, the process to elect two members to our Board of Directors started. We're looking for members who can help drive our businesses forward in our unique co-operative way.  Both the Council and the Board are actively involved in this process and I hope we can attract some highly experienced candidates to step forward and put themselves up for election.  Click here for more details.

Co-operative Young Members Board blogs

Two years ago the Group set up the CYMB to gain some insight into what  young people would like from the Co-op. My last blog highlighted their Manifesto and recently they have started their own blog, In case you missed their first posting here is an extract

"if you think the Cooperative is the shop on the corner of the road you pop into because you forgot the soured cream and salsa for your Friday night in, then you’d be right. Soured cream is essential for Friday nights and the Coop’s is one of the best! But it’s not just a chain of shops. It’s a community. It is responsible. It is valuable. But what I love about it most is that it’s innovative. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy then I will also tell you that the Coop really values young people" 
Nicolles full blog can be read by clicking here.

I found this first blog inspiring and I hope that we can continue to support the Youth Board in the future. (smh)

Local Co-op  Groups.

We own the Co-op so lets involved and participate in local communities. We're trialing different approaches around the country, to see what is the best way of getting us together, to support out local communities .  In my local community, the Horfield Co-operative Locum Forum has been doing some fantastic work.  The group has met and has already thrown itself into engaging with local groups. Check out and follow their twitter account to see the great work that is being done in just one locality in Bristol.  The Council will be evaluating these pilots around April /May next year. Once we have seen what works well, we shall be rolling out these groups nationally.



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